Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen

Art director and designer in Denmark


Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen was one of the most significant persons in danish typography in the second half of the 20th century. His art includes book design, posters, logos, labelling, corporate identity, sculpture as well as textiles for liturgical services.

You will find a biography here, made as a part of a BA from The University of Reading by EEFs pupil and successor Carl-H.K.Zakrisson.

You will also find documentation of excerpts of his archives, and information of where to find the archives.

The website is provided by Jørgen Ellegård Frederiksen, the younger of EEFs three children. You may contact me for any questions - see above.

The EEF logo consisting of the horizontal parts of the letters E and F, also symbolizing the five human members of the family. The color was chosen from the stamp inkpad available.

Julehilsen 1971